TH200 Transmission

Stock Eliminator

With 1-2 auto shift by governor with pan adjust bolt. 1-2 electric shift option for computer-controlled vehicles.

Comp Eliminator Conventional Length

Super Stock / Comp

Super Stock

With Transbrake, Turbo converter retrofit kit with SFI bellhousing

Dragster Shorty

Dragster Shorty, Transbrake, Powerglide converter retrofit kit

Parts and Service

TH200 Locking Dipstick

TH 200 - Shields. Tom Waters Race Car Products

 SFI Transhield & Locking Dipstick


AMSOIL Synthetic ATF in both Dexron III and Type F Racing

2" Narrow TH200 SFI Flexplate shield for doorcar tunnels

Billet Pump Stator Support

Shipped with Scribner Shipping Containers

Call 661-822-8209 for service.

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