Your transmission should be a new Generation 3 Speed for Comp, Stock & Super Stock Racers from Scott McClay Engineering!

Our TH200 Automatic 3-speed Transmission


  • Weighs the same as a 2-speed Powerglide.
  • Helps motors with narrow power curves (needed for small motors in heavier cars).
  • Allows you to use a lower first gear without laying on the converter after the gear change.
  • Is a great tuning aid for bad air tracks.
  • Needs no engine adapter. Our TH200s overall length, crossmember, and output shaft are the same as your Powerglide.
  • Is available with TH200 input or optional converter retrofits for Powerglide or Turbo converters.
  • Has a dependable industrial solenoid transbrake which is NOT prone to debris malfunction.
  • Uses a standard shifter pattern of PRN321 to allow shifting into neutral without a special shifter.
  • Is custom built for your specific application.

21” dragster shorty models are available. Approx 3 inches longer than a shorty Powerglide.

If your shorty Powerglide has a slip coupler, the TH200 will fit with a short fixed coupler.

 (MW #40800)

Prices starting at $2000

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Substantial weight savings & acceleration spin up. Lightweight & durable

for drag racing.

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